More About Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a free Fotoapp with which you can share photos and videos within Instagram and Facebook. The app is available for all standard devices (Android, iOS, Windows10). It is possible to activate your own profile via the site Uploading images is currently not possible there. Instagram was released in October 2010 in the Apple App Store. In 2012, Facebook took over Instagram for $ 1 billion. Since then, Instagram is a Facebook subsidiary. However, compared to the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook with other companies, this is comparatively cheap at $ 29 per user. eBay, Yahoo and Google have noticeably higher investments. For example, eBay paid $ 241 per user and Yahoo for the acquisition of Skype for the acquisition of Flickr $ 111 per user. Whereby the objective of the investment of Facebook has to be questioned here. It can be assumed that Facebook was not interested in the users, but in the app and the associated added value for the Facebook community.

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Instagram marketing for businesses

Instagram currently does not differentiate between personal and company profiles. Therefore, the use of Instagram as a marketing channel for businesses and individuals can be used in the same way. In America, company profiles have already been introduced and this is also the case in German-speaking countries.